…And The Puns For Free

10 Aug

“Rogers Sportsnet today announced an unprecedented 10-year partnership with Alberta’s two National Hockey League teams, under which Rogers Sportsnet will be the clubs’ Official Television Broadcaster and provider of digital media content until 2020.”

Press Release, August 10, 2010

“And because the Oilers operate in the smallest media market in the NHL, we face significant limits on the amount of broadcast, advertising and sponsorship revenues we can generate.”

Paul Marcaccio, speaking notes from presentation to City Council, July 21, 2010

“Working together with Rogers Sportsnet, the Calgary Flames and the NHL, I believe we have created the most dynamic and dominant broadcast vehicle for our fans.  It is equal to any television partnership anywhere in the NHL.”

Patrick LaForge, August 10, 2010


It could be nothing, but if I was a reporter or member of City Council, I’d want to ask the Oilers or Sportsnet about the financial terms of this agreement. Despite the claim of doing the fans a solid, I find it unlikely that the Flames and Oilers gave up on pay-per-view without being amply compensated. The question, in light of the Oilers’ recent cries of poverty, is how amply.

***Update*** Here’s a story from the Globe & Mail from March. There are some big numbers in there.


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