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Seasons Change

14 Sep

This site has slowed down as of late, mostly because of summer and the fact that the arena issue has taken a back-seat to another important decision facing Edmontonians: the future of the City Centre Airport. I expect things to start picking up around here again, however, once we get closer to the municipal elections. In fact, I guarantee it. In the meantime, here’s some more links for you to peruse:

  • Colby Cosh exposes the silliness of comparing an art gallery to a hockey arena
  • Tyler Dellow examines the rationale of building stadiums to draw in NHL franchises
  • Paula Simons looks at the political quagmire Prime Minister Stephen Harper has created for himself on the Quebec arena issue


1 Sep

“The numbers have been there for years but politicians simply took owners at their word that Forbes was simply wrong.”

–Dave Zirin

A few links for you today.

My thanks to the fine gentlemen who sent them my way.


26 Aug

“I also don’t understand why you’d say you have a $120MM business while you’re simultaneously pleading poverty. Usually even the really poorly run teams know how to present a certain image when they’re asking for a handout.”

Tyler Dellow looks at the recent statement by Oilers Vice-President Allan Watt that the Oilers are a $120 million dollar business.

***Update*** Jonathan Willis also takes a look at this issue.

***Bonus*** Here’s a story from today’s Edmonton Journal, noting that only 46% of downtown residents surveyed by Downtown Business Association are in favour of a downtown arena. And Mayor Mandel is in complete denial.


24 Jul

A few more links to pass along on this wonderful Saturday afternoon.

  • Councillor Don Iveson reviews the Katz Group’s meeting with City Council
  • Tyler Dellow looks at the Katz Group’s bankruptcy claims
  • Internets Celebrities take a look at the stadium projects in New York in a documentary called “Stadium Status.” Glove-tap to Par Mehta and Garrett Green for the link


23 Jul

My fellow blogger and friend Matt Fenwick beats me to the punch with an excellent post on the NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), the difference between Hockey Related Revenue (HRR) and non-Hockey Related Revenue (non-HRR), and the absolute yarn spun by the Katz Group Wednesday afternoon at City Council.

*Update* A post in the same vein from fellow Oiler blogger Tyler Dellow.

The Calgary Habit

22 Jul

I’m off to the Calgary Folk Fest today. The timing sucks in terms of the site, but I’m very excited to see Library Voices, Stars and the Avett Brothers. While I’m rocking out to the soothing sounds of Americana down in the land that Lord Stanley forgot, make sure to check out Neil deMause’s  Field of Schemes, the single best source for sports stadium news on the net, as well as Let’s All Give Money to the Rich Man, a hilariously insightful comic from on sports team owners and corporate welfare. Actually, while you’re at it, check out Episode Five of Reason Saves Cleveland, too. It might ring a few bells.